2sAluminium extrusion resin coated that can be bent and reverse bent. Smooth sliding surface. Heavier and stronger than other merchandise. No brackets shown on the face of the track.Veneer tapes can be stuck on for timber finish or other variations.

4sAustrian : Decorative track bent for corner window with bent back finish.Artrak will enhance the performance of your Austrian, Festoon, or Roman blind and or draperies. Australian made, designed and owned. This unique tracking system was originally for drapes, but now Cordthrus enable the simple system to operate blinds as well.

5sArtrak can bend decorative tracks.
For Bays and corners.
This range comes in gold, silver and a wide range of colors.


Artrak Curved Returns to Wall

7sThese must be made to order and provide a stunning appearance to the side of blinds or curtain returns. Cordins, and decorator pulleys enable the drawstrings to be against the wall.

Atrak Timber Fascias

Screwed to the front of our track, and finished with either a mitred return or matching knob. These have many finishes or can be supplied unpainted to be matched to any decor.


Artrak Knobs

Artraktiff decorator track comes in nine colours, onto which Artrak mates (adapters) can be fitted, these adapters enable you to attach all manner of knobs, to co-ordinate with other furniture and fixings.


Artrak Flipper

When your track draws one way and leaves a large gap at the opposite end. Artrak Flipper is magic.